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Many people come into our lives sometimes just for a season. Sometimes too, because there’s a reason. So very few last for a lifetime. Those who touched our lives for good are angels and thank you may not be enough, I thanked them anyway!


(in alphabetical order)


Carmelito V. Apao

Assistant Dean Institute of Student Affairs, Mindanao State University-Iligan. Helped me moved in and boarded at his lodging house for several months. All throughout my college life, he served as my guide, support and counselor.


Estelita P. Atensor

She was the Guidance Counselor of the Notre Dame of Surala and literally my guide in my high school life. She paid for the registration fee for me to be able to take the MSU scholarship exam while Mom was in the hospital. I passed the scholarship and graduated through her simple kindness.


Donna Mae M. Baltazar

She sings like Mandy Moore, looked like a pretty model and possesses a sound mind. She is a family friend. The first girl to know my secret love to ‘Nothing’ and since then became my best buddy.


Vic M. Bernabe

I first met him in Bocaue and since then become my best friend, who would defend me, and stayed, by my side no matter what. He lived with us, together with my siblings and since then we consider him as our real brother. His spirit is so meek, smart and kind. He is a diamond, a handsome person in and out!


Barbara Jinx Boquecosa

We haven’t seen each other personally, face to face, but she has touched my life so much. She is simply my “Moon". She shines when during those darkest nights in my life and the stars are no where to be found..


Oliva L. Caligdong

I stayed at her house for months and was employed as her help in her business so I could finance my high school studies. It’s been so many years now that I haven’t seen her but I am planning, when I get the chance, to tell her personally how much she was an angel to me.


Aleli, and Aaron and Mama Carmen Coronel

God knows how special they are to me and to us my siblings and how they touched our lives. The whole Coronel family is almost our own family. They had been our guiding influenced in our stay in Bocaue and always be forever a part of our lives wherever, whatever. 


Roy Crisostomo

2nd cousin who introduced me to the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I’ve never seen or heard of him since I was 10 years old but I am forever grateful for him being God’s instrument of my conversion to the true church. All the many miracles that had happened to me since I joined the Church, I owed from him. We’ve seen each other for only a week, spoke very few times but what he did altered the course of my life since then even until eternity.


Joy L. Daniel De dios

A wonderful daughter of a Patriarch in Iligan where I stayed while I was pursuing my college education. A Great example to me that I really looked up. She wrote to me while we were both on mission; “It is not the tall buildings, the beautiful places and breathtaking sceneries that makes a mission great…it is the wonderful people we’re working with and to whom we’re sharing our message.” Thank you Ate Gang…


Federico C. De La Cruz

 My late grandfather’s brother where I stayed from time to time while I was studying in high school. After I arrived from my mission, I hugged him and expressed my gratitude for the unconditional support he had done for my siblings and me. He died a few months after suffering a heart attack.


. Cesar Anthony Gayo

God knows how he is instrument in my WORK-CHURCH LIFE here in SAUDI ARABIA...Most of the pictures published here were taken by him... Thank you for the goodness of your life, Sir


Elder/s Rivera, Sunglao, Wickard

Three great missionaries who taught and baptized me when I was 10 years old. I never heard of them since then, but I hope someday they we will cross our ways so I can express my gratitude to them, for being an angel sent by God. Thank you, Elders.


Jay K. Hansen

 My missionary companion, an angel who stood with me all the way from good times to bad times in my two-year service. Since the time we became companion, I understood fully the meaning of love, he gave so much of what he has, talents, time, skills, and even financial support to those whom we serve. He is one of my great examples in the mission.


Maricel L. Malibong Barcelo

My college classmate who through the years is a true and real best friend. Yes, all the time. She was a best friend who stood with me through thick and thin, and even until now, our friendship is solid though we had been separated for so many years. Thank you, Cel.


Dinah B. Tolentino Mosqueda 

From white roses to computers to music to books, we understood each other. We worked as partners in General Santos City for almost two years, Her as Sales and me, as technical representative of a chemical firm we worked for. The influenced she have had in my life is overwhelming. Thank you Ma’am Dinah.


Onette Penalosa

She is an angel for me from text messages to telephone conversations. Very influential in my life.


Jackielyn Kay Ramirez

She saved my life one time. My stake Missionary and a best friend in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental


Dioniliza Rapadas

A high school classmate who stood by me when storms are around me. A best friend. She was one of the INCREDIBLE group that helped me sustain my high school studies when my Mom died.


Manuel C. Revillo

A bishop in Gensan where I served as his executive secretary before I left for mission. Great example.


Marites Salazar

Stake Missionary in Kalibo and best friend in Bocaue, a soul mate. So great she is! Teng, wherever you are, I thank you for being so good to me.


Fabian L. Sinamban

 Stake President of Gensan who believes in my dreams, who supported me when I was down and pronounced blessings over my head. He is now an Area Authority, what a tremendous example he was and is for me. Elder Sinamban, Thank you.


Carl D. Solis

 My brother, a real example, he almost look like an angel. I do not know how to express my love for this guy. He is literally my guiding light for all these years. Joje, Thank you so much!


Wymae D. Solis

My sister, my real angel. Any man who will love and marry my sister in the temple will know she is a diamond in and out. Thank you May2 for the understanding, for the care, for the guide and for the example you have to me. Keep doing great!


Moises P. Soriaga

The owner of Prime Eastern Chemical Industries where I worked for nearly 7 years. A good man. Sir Loloy, thank you so much!


Renato V. Tampac

My lawyer-bishop that I looked up and esteem in all of my life. He is one of the best bishops for me. He was there when I was troubled, when I was blissful. His influenced to my siblings and me is beyond his comprehension. We are the better because we know him, indeed. Thank you, Bishop.


Colita L. Tenchavez

My workmate in PECI for 7 years. She was a great helped to us all, my siblings and me. Thank you Ma’am for the understanding, for the unfailing support and for the goodness you have done to us.


Maricor, Merengue, Libertine, Tita Elsie Tolentino

Cousins and Aunt – It took for me 21 years to finally find them, and since we found each other, our love, our friendship, and our care never wanes. We helped each other, and we pray for the success of each other.


James T. Villanueva

 My first trainee, a companion, a best friend. He is everything in a man. But he makes me the best in everything! I always look up to him, a great example. You never really know how strong the care and love you’ve shown to me has influenced me all through this years for me to become a better person. Thank you, Jates.


Johanna Vendivil

A best friend in Bocaue. “My Tranquility” My great confidante. Despite of the many trials and challenges we had gone through, our friendship though separated would never weaken. I thank you for your support to me, for your care, for your examples.


The list is growing… day by day, a lot of people are making a difference in my life.


it is only with the heart that one can see rightly

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