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The Daniel and Deiparine family - Heroes in Iligan


by: Jebee de la Cruz Solis


Excerpt from 'THE MARK of A MAN' prepared during my 27th birthday, a story of this once lad's journey to life. Along that journey were people, individuals who have touched my life for good, and in one way or another, is or was responsible for the man I am now. I admired them so much, I have high respect and will always look up to them. They are the HEROES of my life. I do not have a place for them to build their statue, a ground to mark their honor, nor a trophy to give, but I hope they know, through this KUDOS, that in my heart and all through out my life, I carry a deep feeling of gratitude for them.

To all of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH, FOR MAKING MY LIFE SO MUCH BETTER BECAUSE YOU ARE THERE. I hope your influence and your light within will continually shine and magnify your goodness to make this world a better place. Please accept this compliment as a token of gratitude for making a difference in my world. You played a very important role in shaping my future, and therefore, EACH OF YOU IS SIGNIFICANT PIECE OF PUZZLE in my life.

This is not according to priority.

* Beatriz 'Betty' P. Dela Cruz Solis - My MOM. Her challenges and hardship, her sacrifices and perseverance in working to sustain her kids and give them a better future is a story of heroism. I was a witness of the terrible pains she had gone through during the final days of her life. She died so young at the age of 39, in the line of duty, fulfilling a role so divine - Motherhood. I hope as her son I reflect the kind of life she wanted me to live - simple, kind and yet strong. In a piece of land where she was laid, was an invisible marked that says: THE GREATEST MOTHER IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I know we can be together forever someday.

* Carmelo E. Coronel - He called me to work under his leadership in the Church…We become best of friends and bosom buddies. He was the first one to defend me to those who sow lyings and malicious intrigues against me. He even stood by me during the lowest times of my life. I witnessed him cried in anguish and pain, joy and fulfillment, and sadness and mercy. His selfless desire to uplift, to strengthen, to share what he has out of compassion and charity without expecting anything in return has a tremendous effect on me. Truly, his heart is as big as he is.

* Craig Whiting - My Trainor and one of the best companion I ever had on my mission... During those times when I was so down, and could not even support myself, he was there. He willingly offered help, encouragement and selflessly entrusted a hand for me to hold on until I was able to finally stand on my own. He is an angel that God sent not only for me but for my siblings as well.

* Cynthia B. Romero - I worked under her Management of the Research and Development of Preastern Chemical Industries. For more than five (5) years, she taught me technical knowledge and skills and freely gave me the opportunity to explore, conduct experiments and researches that enhanced my career as a Chemist. Today, my expertise in water treatment and analysis, I owed much from her.

* Ethel Cecille M. Baltazar - In my journal, I simply described her as 'Wonder Woman' because she constantly amazed me of her great enthusiasm to make things happen at its best. She has a great sense of service to others, contribute to the growth of the Church and other good causes. She is there when no one is around to listen and to advice, when no one I can hold on to when I am disheartened and about to give up. She is there to encourage me to carry on, reminding me to trust all things to the Lord. I feel so overwhelmed and humbled to have someone who is so great as she is (well respected University professor and natural leader) yet believes in my capacity to do good and in my ability to make a difference in my little sphere of influence. For me, she is a GREAT mother, a GREAT sister, and a best friend, rolled into one.

* Gordon B. Hinckley -The most influential person in my life next to my Mom. Ironically, I've never seen or talked to him personally, and probably, he knew me only by name when he signed my mission call. But his influence is so strong and so great that his words, his counsels, his teachings became my guiding light through all these years. I have a complete compilation of his conference talks, 4 of his recent books, and other excerpts from his teachings. The witness for me of the Spirit that he is literally the Prophet of God began when he was sustained and I got the strong desire to be better, to know the gospel deeper, and to serve a mission. I was 19 years old then, and that was the turning point of my life.

* Kent and Gloria T. Evans - The president of Bacolod Mission and his wife. The Evans influence to my mission life was so strong that merely by their presence and the memories of it, was and is enough to inspire me to be better, to be kinder, to be more humble, to be more faithful and to succeed in life. They took care of my brother's mission expenses when they found out that we were orphaned and he was on mission age. I served under them as District leader, Trainor, Zone Leader and an Assistant to President. Every day of my life, after that mission, I feel grateful for the privilege to serve the Lord for two years under their inspired leadership.

* Iris P. Taban - The girl I first fell in love, captivated my heart, occupied my thoughts, haunted my dreams and desires for six (6) long years. I made poems, love letters and journal entries for her and was later compiled and entitled 'May to Remember'. Her story was already a closed book, for she is now married and have kids. But the memory of my love for her will continue to linger on and the wonders she did to my life that moved, inspired and helped me graduate in college is enough to make her one of the heroines of my life.

* Jesus and Constancia L. Daniel - I lived with them during my entire college life when I was nowhere to go while venturing in Iligan to pursue my college education. They were instruments in molding me during my formative teenage years, helping me gain a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They taught me by precept and example the virtues of humility and hardwork - even the dignity of working with my hands. They filled the role my parents were not able to realize. Today, they are one of the most respected couples not only in the community they live in but in the church as well, with 'lolo' serving for nearly a decade now as Stake Patriarch.

* Jinnan A. Enero -Michael C. Podador - Rheo and Cyril P. Durban - What great bestfriends they are ever since! Jinnan, a quiet, simple and kind man who was with me when I was driving the pick-up truck that almost took our lives 5 days before we left for mission. Michael is our leader in the group of young men and single adults, a smart and cheerful guy. Rheo and Cyril, patient and kind brothers whom I owed a lot during struggles and trials, sustained me and supported me unconditionally. Four of my heroes in GenSan, I have lived in each of their houses for months, I was adopted by their Moms as their own son, and they treated me as their brother by heart and by blood. Through thick and thin, good times and bad, near or far away our friendship never faltered through all these years. I won't be who I am now without their influence…strong good influence.

* Johnny and Mary- Ann A. Bermudez - They are the owner of a computer shop where I worked as a part-time encoder and lay-out artist for almost two(2) years. They fanned my curiousity about computers, taught me windows applications, program installations, and basic troubleshooting. Johnny accorded me willingly with free exposure to lay-outing techniques and graphic design skills making it one of my best skills even without proper computer education.

* Josephine M. Fernandez - She is my soulmate, my sister by heart, my very best friend. She is the woman every LDS man would want to marry in the temple, articulate, valiant, strong, kind, humble, and fun-to-be-with. We completely understand each other, that sometimes even no words come out of our lips, we communicate too well with our eyes. What a great example she was to me! She makes me the best in everything, and inspires me to achieve. She is the only woman I can freely confide my secrets, as well as my skeletons-in-the-closets! I thank God for her, for being my best friend. She is now married to a very kind man, my friend Rodel.

* Margarita P. de la Cruz -She was the oldest sister of my Mom. During those times Mom and Dad were having marriage problems, she took care of me. From my youngers years, ages 6 to 10, she raised me, clothed me, fed me, and taught me how to pray. Industrious, disciplined, simple, yet intelligent and strong. She sent me to school, and at night she slept beside me reading stories still vivid in my memory. Beside her sister's grave(My MOM) she was laid, with an invisible mark that says : ONE OF THE GREATEST WOMAN EVER LIVED.

* Ma. Salome P. Buarao - It all started when I felt in her the motherly concern and love I've been yearning for since my Mom was gone. I turned to her for guidance and direction when I am between choices, or confuse to know the difference. I asked for her wise suggestions and insights whenever I am making important decisions in life. But the greatest of all, she was the mother I called one night, when I was having that drowning, breath-ending experience. SHE SAVED MY LIFE. "Madam Lumen" or "Mom" is a very faithful woman, blessed with the material things this world can offer, and yet simply living the gospel, quietly moving on with charity, humility and compassion, always enduring to the end. I do not know how to thank her for her nobility and the many wonders she has done to my life… Only knows God.

* Marlon and Armi D. Deiparine - I was so blessed to be 'adopted' as a son of a kind and responsible man, and his loving wife, Armi while I am in Iligan for my college education. For the rest of my college life, they supported me, financially, emotionally, socially and spiritually. They have the most profound influenced in my gaining of a firm testimony of the reality of the restored Church and the divinity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Both of them played the role as my Mom and Dad, guided me, advised me, and showed me the example during my crucial teenage life. They stand with me as my parents during my graduation in college. They are one of the greatest living heroes of my life, and my posterity as well as those of my siblings will forever remember them.

* Nothing (Maricar PB) - For all this years, all of my pursuit for a better life, all my striving for excellence, all my desires to be more faithful, all my dreams and ambitions are inspired by her. Ironically, so strong is her influence that she took captive of my life for many years now, with out her knowing how much I have been caring and loving her. It is a secret only me and the God of Heaven knows. It is too sacred for the world to know my feelings for her. It is enough to know that in her presence, I feel the desire to achieve. In her presence, I always wanted to be my very best. There is only one thing I greatly wish for, that is, to spend my life until eternity with her, yearning for a chance to do everything good for her happiness and security as long as it is right for the Lord. I am still hoping for a miracle to happen in the Lord's way, the Lord's time, nevertheless, His will be done.

* Randy Jamora et al. (the INCREDIBLE Group) - The high school group we established, composed of 15 senior students known for excellence in the NOTRE DAME campus, and whose families are well-known in the society. The group stayed at my side until I recovered from the death of my mother, and went out with me campaigning when I run as SK Chairman. Without expecting for payment, they paid for my remaining tuition fees in school so that I can be able to graduate and paid for my registartion fee so I can take the MSU-SASE scholarship exam. Clien Tolentino, Myralei Belbider, Dioniliza Rapada, Jason Banzon, Joy Javier, Gary Pineda, Jonathan Poblacion, Rodelito Capundan, Menard Tolentino, Jerome Tuerca, Jayson Falalimpa, Leo Gatacelo, Renan Regalado, and Joan Apacible. I owe them so much, that with out them, I won't be here today.

And so that's all they are so far, the heroes of my life. Ordinary people trying to live extra ordinary lives. A lot are still touching my life for good…some for just a season, some because there's a reason…some stayed for a lifetime! Piece by piece symbolizing each person in the puzzle is very important, and when it is completed, it will be a grand reunion day! GOD BLESS YOU dear Heroes of my Life! God bless us in our pursuit for a better life!


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